Kathy’s House is a non-profit Hospital Guest House that provides lodging and a supportive environment to families who are experiencing one of life's most stressful situations—personal illness or the serious illness of a loved one.

Kathy’s House provides a true "home away from home" for patients and/or their caregivers.

It is a caring place where guests can eat, sleep, and be with others when they want – or be alone when they need time, introspection, and quiet healing. The House provides a place where mutual support thrives, which is one of the great strengths of Kathy’s House.

A vital and an affordable resource in the Milwaukee health care community, Kathy’s House is the only Hospital Guest House in the area that serves patients of all ages and their caregivers who need to travel to Milwaukee for medical care.

Any patient receiving outpatient treatment at a Milwaukee area hospital, along with their caregiver(s), is/are eligible to become a guest at Kathy’s House. Caregivers of patients in a Milwaukee area hospital are also eligible. Read our Guest Policy to learn more.

The application process for a prospective guest starts with a referral from a Health Care Professional.

Kathy’s House By the Numbers

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$512,000 donated to Kathy's House in 2016

112,000 lodging nights provided to guests since opening in 2001

10,000 volunteer hours contributed each year

8,000 families have been served over our 15 year history

4,874 lodging nights provided in 2016

$85/$35 cost for a night's lodging versus average donation

Over 150 health providers refer patients to Kathy's House each year

90% of guests are here because of a cancer diagnosis

56% of guests are Wisconsin residents

75% growth of occupancy in the last five years

55% of guests are caretakers for someone who is receiving inpatient care in the Milwaukee area

45% of guests are patients themselves, many of them receiving an outpatient bone marrow transplant

50 miles Almost all of our guests live 50 miles outside of Milwaukee, most from Southeastern Wisconsin

One agency focused on making guests welcome and feel they are home

Where Our Guests Come From

Of all guests that stay at Kathy's House:

56%: Wisconsin Residents

14%: Other United States Residents

15%: Michigan Residents

4%: Illinois Residents

11%: Other Midwestern State Residents

1%: Outside the United States

  • "This has been a difficult time of my life and a scary time for my family. Thanks to Kathys House and my health care team, I got through it."

    - Joan C., a brain cancer patient and mother of five who stayed at Kathy's House for several weeks.

  • “Kathy’s House was the perfect place for Jerry, he could be alone when he needed to rest or be with other guests when he felt up to it."

    - Sarah, wife of a patient who stayed at Kathy's House for several weeks.

  • “The kids all want to come back to the House!”

    - Jan, a brain cancer patient and mother of five who stayed at Kathy's House for several weeks.

Want More Information About Kathy’s House?

If you are not finding what you're looking for or if you are just interested in learning more about Kathy's House, we encourage you to contact us.