Annual Report

Kathy’s House Annual Report for 2014 - 2015

  • Since opening in 2001, Kathy's House has provided more than 105,000 nights of lodging and served more than 15,000 guests
  • The average length of stay is 8 days, and guests stay anywhere from 1 night to over a year
  • 55% of guests are caregivers; 45% are patients
  • 83% of guests are referred from Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, followed by Children's Hospital, and Columbia St. Mary's
  • 80% of families referred are receiving treatment for cancer (mostly for complex cancers such as blood, bone, and pancreatic), followed by cardiovascular, stroke, and accident/trauma
  • Almost all guests live at least 50 miles outside of Milwaukee; 62% are from Wisconsin with the most coming from northeast Wisconsin, 10% from Michigan, 8% from Illinois, 6% from other Midwest states, 13% from other US states, and 1% from outside of the US
  • Lodging is donation-based, with the average donation of $35, but no one is turned away due to inability to make a donation

2014 - 2015 Financial Overview

  • Kathy's House is projected to end the 2015 fiscal year with a healthy and balanced budget. Expenditures and revenues are expected to be $450,000. Independent financial audits are conducted annually, and Kathy's House has received a clean audit every year.
  • Cost per night per room to operate Kathy's House in 2015 is $90 based on current occupancy. Most local hotels charge a minimum $110 a night.
  • Not reflected in the revenue chart is the work and value of hundreds of volunteers. On average, volunteers contribute 200 hours per week or over 10,000 hours a year. This work is valued at $187,200. Leveraging the time and talent of compassionate volunteers helps to keep costs down.

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