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At Kathy’s House, we are dedicated to providing accommodation to any patient who lives 50 miles or greater from Milwaukee and is receiving outpatient treatment at any hospital in the greater Milwaukee area.

The caregivers of patients receiving inpatient treatment are also eligible to become guests at Kathy’s House. Guests may stay at Kathy’s House as long as hospital treatment continues, as either an inpatient or a monitored outpatient.

In order to reserve a room at Kathy’s House, all guests must first be referred by a Health Care Professional.

Contact your Health Care Professional and have this individual complete a “Request for Temporary Housing” referral form. This completed form should then be faxed to Kathy’s House at 414-453-8292.

Once the referral form has been processed, potential guests are responsible for getting into contact with Kathy’s House to verify that we have received the referral form. Potential guests will then be placed on a waiting list and notified immediately once a room has become available. All guests must confirm their stay with us 1-2 days prior to arrival.

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