Our Impact

Helping Families During Trying Times

In 2021, Kathy’s House opened a new facility with the capacity to serve more guests and the intentional design to serve them better than ever.

The vision for the national model in hospital guest housing was the basis for the creation of our newly constructed, 38-room home, footsteps from Froedtert Hospital on the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Campus.

As we continue to grow in our new facility, the data on this page is a testament to the impact we are having on families who need to travel to Milwaukee for medical treatment.

The Family Program for Patients & Caregivers

The Family Program for Patients and Caregivers ensures that every family facing a medical crisis, including those in financial hardship, can access needed healthcare and stay together during medical treatments. 

The actual cost of a one-night stay at Kathy’s House is $90. We ask our guests to contribute a minimum of $50 per night toward the cost of their stays (and only $30 per night after 30 days). It is our goal, however, not to turn anyone away due to the inability to pay. Only through donations to our Family Program for Patients and Caregivers is this outcome possible as 75% of the families we serve cannot pay the actual cost of their stays. In fact, 10% of families cannot contribute anything toward the cost of their stays at Kathy’s House.

Our Impact in Real Time

This section is updated regularly and measures our impact in real time.

Lodging Costs Offset for Patients & Caregivers
Nights Underwritten by our Family Program
Total Number of Guests Served Since 2001
Pounds of Laundry This Year (so far)

In Our Guests’ Words

The Sims Family

Demetrius Sims and his parents, Cynthia (not picture) and Willie, have been staying at Kathy’s House longer than most families. They are facing an uncommon diagnosis for our guest population: sickle cell disease. The family hails from Racine, but Demetrius was a student in Madison when he was admitted to a study in Milwaukee that required daily monitoring. His social worker told him about Kathy’s House. “They told us it would be a lot easier to stay at Kathy’s House, where it’s just across the street. You don’t have to waste gas. All you have to do is walk.” They…

Guests Karla and Mark seated in patio chairs at an outdoor lounge at Kathy's House

Karla & Mark Peyreau

Words matter. It only takes a few minutes of conversation with Karla Peyreau to hear that message. Earning a degree in international relations means she is uniquely attuned to the necessity of choosing the right words to say exactly what she means. An Unusual Journey Those words convey a compelling message from the Texas pancreatic cancer patient, who was told that she was not a candidate for surgery before finding Dr. Douglas Evans through a referral from the John E. Sagba Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer in Trinidad and Tobago. “When my records were referred to Dr. Evans and they said…

A woman and man sit in orange chairs.

Carol & Tom Titzkowski

Tom Titzkowski has coined a new term for our community of care: “a cascading encouragement process. People who have been here encourage new people who come,” Tom explains, and paying it forward is a key part of recovery. “Everyone is like a friend right away because you are all in the same situation,” Tom’s wife Carol adds. The couple praise our infection control measures, convenient location, friendly staff, atmosphere, and “light, bright, and welcoming” architecture, all of which helped them to feel comfortable quickly. “After a week, it was home,” Carol recalls. Carol not only found a home at Kathy’s…

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