Cami & Julia Berglund

Guest Story: Cami & Julia Berglund

Omaha, Neb.

We are just very grateful that we were able to stay here. This is so much better than a hotel. And the dogs. That’s a really good part. It made me feel more at home.

Finding a home, hundreds of miles from home

When Omaha’s Cameron & Julia Berglund learned that Froedtert Hospital’s Dr. Dan Heffez was an expert on chiari malformations, they hit the road.

“We’re from Nebraska, and nobody locally there has any experience with that,” Cameron said of the rare condition.

They stayed at Kathy’s House for a few weeks, and both mother and daughter were astonished by the amenities at Kathy’s House.

“It’s like everything you would want but way more,” Julia exclaimed.

They marveled at the many small and large gathering spaces, the kitchens, and even the elevator, which made navigating stairs a non-issue. Most important, however, was the ability to focus their attention where it was needed: on healing.

“Everybody is here for medical reasons. When you’re in a hotel, people are on vacation. Everyone here is here to rest and recuperate,” Cameron explained.