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Don & Lynette Bye

Guest Story: Don & Lynette Bye

Green Bay, Wis.

Kathy's House took away my trepidation. You feel like a guest as soon as you walk in the door.

Green Bay resident Don Bye says he won the lottery by getting a rare form of blood cancer that affects only 3,000 people a year.

Don’s luck has not run out. After receiving chemo treatments in Green Bay for amyloidosis, he came to Froedtert for a stem cell transplant.

He spent the first 3 days at Kathy’s House at the start of treatment, followed by 2 weeks in the hospital in isolation. Then he recuperated in a Kathy’s House suite with his wife Lynette. “The treatment knocks you on your butt. You’re robbed of all your immunity and your strength,” he

“Kathy’s House gave me peace of mind,” he stated. Don described his stay as seamless, super safe, affordable and stress-free. “The staff are so professional and friendly, the environment so clean and comfortable, it was like an extension of the hospital,” he said.

Don loved the proximity of Kathy’s House to Froedtert and being able to avoid traffic and road construction. “Kathy’s House is a safe zone for somebody going through traumatic treatment,” he said. “It takes away your trepidation. You feel like a guest as soon as you walk in. Kathy’s House is the first thing I’ll look for if I have to come back.” Don also likes to cook. He and his wife took advantage of the kitchen facilities and loved all the amenities of Kathy’s House. In fact, while being interviewed over the phone for this story, Don said he could smell the honey baked ham he had in the oven in preparation for Sunday’s Packer game. Since it was nearing lunch time, this interviewer asked Don to share his recipe.

Don Bye’s Honey Baked Ham

  1. Mix together orange juice, dijon mustard and honey. (You’re on your own for amounts.)
  2. Heat glaze and baste over a scored ham.
  3. Continue basting periodically.
  4. Ham is done when you’ve got that crispy brown seared deliciousness on the outside and you can no longer stand the smell of honey baked ham without diving in.