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Gerald & Kristi Evansen

Guest Story: Gerald & Kristi Evansen

Appleton, Wis.

Kathy's House provides a safe haven for people that are going through a lot.

“Apprehensive” is the word that Appleton’s Kristi Evansen used to describe her feelings about traveling to Milwaukee for medical care. “I was scared I’d have to stay at a hotel by myself. I’m not a city person,” she admitted during her stay.

She left those fears behind when she arrived at Kathy’s House, where she stayed for six weeks during her husband Jerry’s bone marrow transplant. “There’s everything here that you could ever need here,” she said.  It’s a place that’s affordable – and safe. And the fact that round the clock, people are here in case you need something. It’s just beautiful.”

Kristi was inspired by the story of our namesake, Kathy Vogel Kuettner. When Kathy passed away from Burkitt’s lymphoma in 2000, she wished for a place where caregivers and patients could stay together. Kathy’s House was born out of that wish. “I just think Kathy would be so honored to know that her parents were able to accomplish this,” she says. It’s heartening to know that Kathy’s legacy of generosity and hope remains a source of inspiration for guests nearly 23 years after opening.

A letter written by Jerry and Kristi Evansen to express their gratitude