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Ray & Linda Ward

Guest Story: Ray & Linda Ward

Tavares, Fla.

I don’t know what we’d do if we didn’t have this place. I’m happy to be here. I’m happy for my husband. He really has everything he needs now - the best care you could have and the best living situation.

Six degrees of separation brought us to Milwaukee,” says Linda Ward, who is caring for her husband Ray during his cancer treatments. Although Ray was first treated in the couple’s home state of Florida, Linda says her “guardian angel (a.k.a new friend, Patti Younce)  kept pushing” her to call Dr. Evans at Froedtert Hospital. Staying in Milwaukee seemed daunting – until she received a referral to Kathy’s House. “I made one phone call, and I spoke to Robin, who was so caring, on a Monday. By Wednesday, we were in,” Linda recalls.

Linda says that staying at Kathy’s House has made a major difference in her husband’s health. “I think staying here is equally important to the treatment he’s getting,” she says. She praises everything from the ability to provide nourishing meals in our communal kitchen to the support of the staff in providing the couple what they needed during their stay. The Kathy’s House shuttle made a big difference to Linda and Ray, too. “I don’t drive here. I’m not used to the snow,” Linda explains, “and taking cabs everywhere was not good for Ray’s health.”

Linda’s gratitude has inspired her to spread the word about the couple’s experience. “All my friends and family are asking what they can do, and I say, ‘Go on the website and donate something to Kathy’s House,” she says. “I can tell you my support for Kathy’s House will be long-lived.”