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Referral Form

Referral Form

The Process:

  • The Health Care Professional fills out Referral Form
    Ask your Health Care Professional to complete a “Request for Temporary Housing” referral form, and fax it to Kathy’s House at 414-453-8292
  • The Potential Guest schedules stay
    Contact Kathy’s House at 414-453-8290 to schedule your stay
  • Kathy’s House processes request
    Potential guests will then be placed on a waiting list and notified immediately once a room has become available.
  • Guests confirm their stay 1-2 days prior to arrival

Due to the high volume of referrals received, Kathy’s House provides lodging for guests who reside at a permanent address 50 miles or greater from Milwaukee and are either:

  • The caregiver of a patient receiving treatment at a Milwaukee hospital.
  • A patient who is required by their healthcare provider to remain in the area for their treatment plan. Patients who are staying at the House must be able to live independently or have a caregiver with them.

All potential guests need a Referral Form completed and faxed to Kathy’s House by a Health Care Professional. Potential Guests should also read the Kathy’s House  Guest Policy  to determine if Kathy’s House meets your needs.