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Referral Form

Referral Form

The Process:

  • The Health Care Professional fills out Referral Form
    Ask your Health Care Professional to complete a “Request for Temporary Housing” referral form, and fax it to Kathy’s House at 414-453-8292
  • The Potential Guest schedules stay
    Contact Kathy’s House at 414-453-8290 to schedule your stay
  • Kathy’s House processes request
    Potential guests will then be placed on a waiting list and notified immediately once a room has become available.
  • Guests confirm their stay 1-2 days prior to arrival

Due to the high volume of referrals received, Kathy’s House provides lodging for guests who reside at a permanent address 50 miles or greater from Milwaukee and are either:

  • The caregiver of a patient receiving treatment at a Milwaukee hospital.
  • A patient who is required by their healthcare provider to remain in the area for their treatment plan. Patients who are staying at the House must have a caregiver with them for the duration of their stay.

All potential guests need a Referral Form completed and faxed to Kathy’s House by a Health Care Professional. Potential Guests should also read the Kathy’s House  Guest Policy  to determine if Kathy’s House meets your needs.