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Sponsor a Family

Sponsor a Family

Family Program for Patients and Caregivers

This amazing program began to help offset costs for those who have little, if anything, to contribute, toward their lodging at Kathy’s House. Funding for the Family Program for Patients and Caregivers supports economically disadvantaged families. This program ensures all families facing medical crises, including those in financial hardship, can access needed health care and stay together during a medical crisis.

More families are utilizing Milwaukee area hospitals to access medical care. Many patients need the advanced cancer care provided at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin. For many families, the costs associated with staying in even a moderately-priced hotel (approximately $100 per night) is out of reach. As reported on surveys, 40% of our patient guests would not have been able to access the care they need without Kathy’s House.

Many of our guests—prior to being referred to Kathy’s House—had been sleeping in their cars, in the homes of loved ones, or sharing their loved one’s hospital rooms because they could not afford lodging. More than a third of our guests report incomes under $30,000; our average nightly donation is just $32. The generosity of donors in our community who support our Family Program for Patients and Caregivers means that the remainder of the $87 per night cost incurred for each room can be fulfilled.

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