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Support a Guest

Support a Guest

Research shows that a medical emergency (especially a cancer diagnosis) can lead to financial hardship.  

The actual cost for staying at Kathy’s House is $87 per room, per night. The average donation we collect is $32. Below are other ways you, or your group, can help pay for the cost of lodging for patients and families who cannot afford the cost of lodging in order to access medical care.

Ways to Support A Guest

  • Anyone can donate in honor of a guest, and can make an anonymous donation in your name.
  • Check with your employer/HR about company matching gifts. Or someone you know may work for a company with a matching gifts program. Your nightly donation can be matched.
  • Start a GoFundMe page:
    • Share your GoFundMe campaign on your Facebook page, and let guest services know.
  • Start a Facebook post with a campaign goal and select Kathy’s House as your chosen charity. Let guest services staff know you are using Facebook to support guests. Start a campaign.
  • Hospital Shuttle Program: Each day, we transport 4-10 guests to and from their appointments at Milwaukee area hospitals, driving an average of 150-200 miles a week in our shuttle van. We don’t place a limit on how far we travel, sometimes up to 35 miles one way. Our van is driven by volunteers and paid staff. Projected costs for our hospital shuttle program in 2019 are estimated at $11,800 and include Insurance ($1,400), Gas & Maintenance ($1,600), and staff time ($8,800). A contribution of any amount will help transport families to medical appointments at no cost to them.
  • Host a paper or other supply drive. View our Wishlist to learn what supplies are needed for cleanliness and standards of care. (The word “Wishlist” clicks to Wishlist page or back to Donate page.)
  • Cook meals at the House, Meals To Go, or Grab & Go Snack Packs. Volunteers provide meals 2-3 times per week. Unique ways to offer a warm Wisconsin welcome is to host a meal around a sports game, serving comfort food in winter, or a cookout in summer. Learn more about this way to volunteer and other ways to donate your time.
  • Overall, you can spend time talking with our guests, hearing their stories, sharing a meal. Letting them know they’re not alone and providing overall hospitality.
  • Anyone can help. Hometown groups can help fundraise for a specific guest, or families who cannot afford the cost of their lodging through our Family Program for Patients and Caregivers. Groups can include churches/synagogues/other religious groups, youth groups, small community groups, Rotary, Kiwanis, or Lions/Lioness Clubs, book clubs, and many other types of groups.
  • Imagine what you do when you host someone overnight in your home. At any given time we have 19 families staying overnight in our Home. Then contact us when you have an idea for a way to someone to receive your warm Wisconsin welcome!

Additional Ways to Support Kathy’s House
Patients and Families

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You can buy or sell items and direct a portion of the sale to Kathy’s House (select Kathy’s House as your favorite). For more information, visit

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Start a Facebook post with a campaign goal and select Kathy’s House as your chosen charity: Like us on Facebook: “Kathy’s House.”

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You can contribute simply by shopping at Amazon. Go to and choose Kathy’s House as your charitable organization. For each purchase made, Amazon will donate .5% to Kathy’s House.

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You can also contribute to Kathy’s House by browsing the Internet. Just visit and make sure to choose “Kathy’s House of Milwaukee” as the cause you would like to help.

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If you are a member of Thrivent Financial, you can direct your Thrivent “Choice Dollars” to Kathy’s House. Visit or call 800-847-4836 and when prompted, select “Thrivent Choice.”

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By visiting you can help us raise money by donating to events related to Kathy’s House or by starting a campaign of your own.

Family Program for Patients and Caregivers

$550 to Sponsor A Family (cost to sponsor a family for our average 10-day length of stay)
$1,500 to help 1 Family for a month of lodging
$5,000 to support 90 nights of lodging for patients and families
$10,000 to support every family in each of our 18 rooms for an average length of stay
$50,000 supports 90 families for an average length of stay

Why Program Exists

This amazing program began to help offset costs for patients and families who have little, if anything, to contribute, toward their lodging at Kathy’s House. Funding for the Family Program for Patients and Caregivers supports economically disadvantaged families. More than a third of our guests report incomes under $30,000. 10% of guests are unable to make a donation for the cost of staying at Kathy’s House.

How You Can Help Patients Access Healthcare

This program ensures all families facing a medical crisis, including those in financial hardship, can access needed health care and stay together during a medical crisis. More families are utilizing Milwaukee area hospitals to access medical care. Many patients need the advanced cancer care provided at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin. For many families, the costs associated with staying in even a moderately-priced hotel (approximately $100 per night) is out of reach. As reported on surveys, 40% of our patient guests would not have been able to access the care they need without Kathy’s House. Many of our guests—prior to being referred to Kathy’s House—had been sleeping in their cars, in the homes of loved ones, or sharing their loved one’s hospital rooms because they could not afford lodging.

Cost of Staying at Kathy’s House

Our average nightly donation is just $32. The generosity of donors in our community who support our Family Program for Patients and Caregivers means that the remainder of the $87 per night cost incurred for each room can be fulfilled.

Average Length of Stay and Cost

Often times, the medical treatment a guest experiences becomes a financial burden for their family. For a guest undergoing a prolonged treatment such as a bone marrow transplant, the patient will typically be in the hospital for 2-4 weeks followed by 90 days of outpatient care. The cost for a family to stay in a hotel in the Milwaukee area for this time period could easily exceed $10,000.

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