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Ways to Give

Ways to Give

In 2018, 78% of donations were less than $500. Your tax-deductible, philanthropic gift will touch the lives of individuals and families at a time when they need it the most – during a health crisis. More families than ever before are turning to Kathy’s House for lodging and caring support.

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Kathy’s House is open 365 days a year and serves 1,500 patients and their families annually. We are hosts to 19 families who might have never visited Milwaukee. We want to give them a warm Wisconsin welcome. Imagine what you do when you host someone overnight in your home—what products do you stock, what unique things about Milwaukee do you bring them to, what do you cook them? Check out our Wishlist to learn what guests need for cleanliness and standards of care. Thank you for giving items to make our guests feel welcome and cared for.

Support Our New Home For Healing

Help us reach our $12 million goal for building A New Home for Healing to support more guests.

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Support a Guest

Friends, family, hometown groups, and local community groups like to help with the medical journey. Whether you are a church, a religious organization, a philanthropic group, a youth group, a book club, or a group of friends, you can help patients and families who visit Kathy’s House for life-saving medical treatments. Learn more ways you or your group can get involved.

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Guest Stories

The patients and families who stay at Kathy’s House each face their own unique health challenges. Their stories are extraordinary. We are honored to be a part of their journey, and you can too. Read stories from some of our amazing guests.

Heart of the House

Incredible individuals have named Kathy’s House in their estate plans. These members of the Heart of House society have made a gift of stock, named Kathy’s House as a beneficiary of their retirement account, life insurance policy, or as a recipient in their will or trust. Learn ways you can give, without making a cash gift.

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Other Ways to Give

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Any questions regarding these ways to give?

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