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Guest Policy

Guest Policy

Who We Serve

Guests must reside at a permanent address 50 miles or more from Milwaukee and be either:

  1. The caregiver of a patient receiving treatment at a Milwaukee hospital.
  2. A patient whose healthcare provider requires them to remain in the area for their treatment plan.

A caregiver must accompany any patient staying at the House for the duration of their stay.


Working with providers

Ask your healthcare provider to complete the online Request for Temporary Housing Referral Form. Only a healthcare provider should submit this form.  Patients and potential guests should not submit this form on their own behalf.

After we receive the referral form, we will reach out to potential guests to indicate whether a room is available and to gather additional information about their stay.  We process referrals Monday – Friday from 8-5 only.

Planning Your Stay

Expectations and Restrictions

Kathy’s House provides its guests with one of 36 rooms. While our staff and volunteers help maintain the facilities of Kathy’s House, all guests agree to care for their own living areas and share in the care of communal facilities.

  • All guests must confirm their stay with us 1-2 days prior to arrival.
  • We schedule check-ins Monday through Friday between 9 am – 4 pm. 
    Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate weekend or evening check-ins.   
  • Due to the high volume of referrals, we can only accommodate one room per family.
  • A minimum stay of three nights is required.

Take a  Tour of Kathy’s House  or view our  Frequently Asked Questions.

Management of Kathy’s House, Inc. reserves the right to refuse or restrict the use of the facility based upon the greater needs of its guest population.

Our monthly newsletter has the latest guest stories, events & updates on our New Home for Healing.