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A New Home for Healing

A New Home for Healing

Our New Home for Healing is Now Open

Welcoming Families

Our First Guests

After many years of planning, Kathy’s House welcomed guests to our New Home for Healing June 7, 2021. Since opening, we have been able to provide temporary lodging for both new and returning guests.

Improved Access

Reducing Healthcare Disparities

Exterior, from Southwest, of our New Home for Healing

Located on the campus of the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center, our new Home is footsteps from Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center. Because of this location, we are well-positioned to provide access to care. With 36 guest rooms, the new Home doubles the capacity of our first Home, helping to meet the growing demand for affordable lodging. The additional space improves health equity in our region for those seeking access to life-saving care.

Moreover, with an upgrade to thirty-six ADA-compliant rooms (including 6 fully accessible rooms), we are able to provide full access to all of our guests.

A National Model of Care

Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

Kathy’s House is designed to serve as the national model in hospital guest lodging to support patients and their families. As a national model, we seek to address all of the determinants of overall health. Specifically, 20% of overall health is determined by access to providers. With our location on the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center campus, even those who lack access because of geography, income or resources, can receive specialized care.

Incredibly, a whopping 80% of overall health relies not on care but on social determinants of health. At Kathy’s House, we are intentional about addressing these social determinants. By providing meals, spiritual care, fitness, and companionship Kathy’s House allows guests to focus on wellness and find respite, and connection, in our healing space.

Help us reach our $12 million goal!

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Total Donated: $11.7 Million

Imagine finding out you have cancer and that the best care is 50 or 100 miles away – or more. And what if your diagnosis required weeks or even months of treatment? You want your loved ones nearby, but where could you afford to stay?

Without Kathy’s House, patients and families who must travel to Milwaukee for needed medical care may face the terrible decision to forgo treatment because they can’t afford to stay in a hotel.

Since 2001 Kathy’s House has served as a home away from home for 22,000 guests—patients and their family members—from around Wisconsin, the United States and beyond who need to travel to Milwaukee to access vital medical care.

Why a New Home Matters

Watch video comments from the public launch of our capital campaign, August 2019.


For the answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding our new home, please follow the link below.

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