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Background Check

We value the safety of our guests, our volunteers, and our staff

Because of our commitment to safeguarding people and property, a lawful background check will be run on each potential guest of Kathy’s House. The information obtained is used exclusively by staff to determine whether to grant a guest(s) access to our facility. This information is not shared outside of our organization.

Individuals who have been convicted of any of the following will be denied access to Kathy’s House as follows:

Generally, Kathy’s House reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone convicted of any crime which Kathy’s House believes, in its sole discretion, places the health or safety of our guests at risk. The below list is not exhaustive and is intended only to identify crimes by their nature as criminal conduct is designated or defined differently in varying jurisdictions.


  • Felony Assault/Battery – physical harm to another person
  • Domestic Violence
  • Crimes Against Children – including without limitation, the physical abuse, physical neglect, emotional maltreatment, or sexual abuse of a child
  • Sexual Predator Crime or Registered Sex Offender –including without limitation, rape, molestation, sexual abuse/battery, voyeurism, stalking, or public indecency
  • Manslaughter, Murder, Kidnapping – abduction, false imprisonment, capture or seize
  • Arson – pyromania, incendiarism, or torching
  • Terrorism
  • Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking or Soliciting Prostitution


  • Fraud – embezzlement, deceit, deception
  • Vandalism – damage to public or private property
  • Drug-Related Crimes
  • Misdemeanor Battery
  • Felony Theft – including without limitation, robbery, larceny, carjacking, and burglary

Kathy’s House reserves the right to consider an arrest for which charges are pending or unresolved as grounds for denial of temporary residency or for entrance on to the property.