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Our Impact

Our Impact

Kathy’s House Impact Report for 2020

Patty Metropulos and Mona Theobald

In 2020, we confronted a year like no other. In an unprecedented healthcare environment, we broke ground on our New Home for Healing on the campus of the Milwaukee Regional Center. Cancer doesn’t stop for a pandemic, so neither did we. Our critical operations campaign secured needed funds to continue operations. Through it all, your support made a marked difference in the lives of patients and families facing cancer and other serious illness. Please join us as we celebrate 20 years of hospitality this year and all that we are accomplishing, together

Kathy’s House makes a difference in the lives of patients and families facing cancer and other serious illness.

Kathy’s House helps families—including those in financial hardship—access needed health care and stay together during a medical crisis. For many families, the costs associated with staying in even a moderately-priced hotel (approximately $100 per night) are out of reach. 40 percent of our patient guests tell us they would not have been able to access the care they need without Kathy’s House.

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Access Medical Care

85% facing cancer

“Kathy’s House is a game-changer for improving health equity in our region. Patients and families facing serious health conditions can access healthcare regardless of geography, income barriers or lack of other resources. I support Kathy’s House because I have seen firsthand how Kathy’s House directly reduces health disparities.”

Dr. Malika Siker,
Froedtert & the Medical college of Wisconsin
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Guest Stories

The guests who stay at Kathy’s House each face their own unique health challenges. Their stories are often extraordinary. We are honored to be a part of their journey. Watch the video to hear Maria describe in her own words the impact Kathy’s House had during a medical crisis.

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